Martha Holcombe set of "God Is Love" figurines. These are the older & more rare pieces. T are 7 figurines in this lot, (8 if you count the puppy!). All are African American & in excellent condition. Most are signed & numbered or have Martha Holcombe imprinted on them. While doing some research on these, I discovered that these are some of the valuable pieces, and the one named "Callie" was worth over $400.00 itself alone! Included in this lot is a Precious little girl named "Angel" she is #89, signed & dated 1986. Angel is wearing a creme colored dress with a sage colored over dress, matching sage ribbons in her hair and she is holding a mauve heart. Angel is 5" tall and her base is 1 3/4" across. **//** Miss "Tara" is next and you can tell by her face she has attitude! Tara is #183, signed & dated 1987. Tara is the precious little girl holding all the delicious apples in her green dress & she has the original twine hair ties in her hair. Tara stands 6.5" tall & her base is 2.5" wide. **//**Miss "Dori" is #42 and dated 1991. She is dressed in a peach colored outfit with darker trim & matching hairbows, she is so adorable and she has the cutest lil' bare feetsies! Dori stands 5 1/2" and her base is 2 3/4" across. **//**Miss "Bonnie" is #132, signed & dated 1987, this one has another Holcombe

New information: A good friend of mine did some extra research on these, is what we have discovered; ALL of the marked Holcombe figures listed ARE retired and most all are Rare & hard to find. Bonnie's puppy's name is "Buttons" last value found is $55.00. "Tara" value $42.50, "Dori" value $29.50. From our research we used the LOWEST values found. "Callie" still leads in most Rare and values found ranged from $469 to $649. Good luck on bidding!

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