Martin Audio - Engineer 818 (used)

I have two of these Martin Audio Engineer 818's available. We were going to use this for a work project, but ended up going with a Extron solution instead.

This listing is for the used unit, it is in a working condition but has cosmetic scratches. It comes without any packaging, cabling or terminal connectors. See my other listings if you are interested in the spare (new condition) one.

They have both been sitting in storage for 3 years, so I have switched them both on to make sure they power up. I then connected them to my laptop and ran the Martin Audio MK2 utility. I made sure that they are both set to factory default and I've made sure the password is set to the default one.

I've got no balanced audio devices to use for testing so I haven't tested the actual inputs/outputs, but as I said this used one was working during the project before we swapped it for a Extron device so I expect it to be 100% working. I will offer a full refund if there turns out to be any defects.

Here is a description of the Engineer 818 that I stole of the internet,

"The Engineer 818 is an advanced, powerful digital signal processor that has been designed to provide comprehensive control and management of installed loudspeaker systems.

Incorporating a broad range of standard facilities; gain, EQ, limiting,
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