Martin D45 1970 acoustic dreadnaught guitar with original case

This D45 is in good condition, it's fairly playable as it is but it needs a bit of repair. Here are the issues:
- There are spots of finish that are coming loose from the binding on the body and the neck. These would have to be redone or smoothed over and fixed so that they don't continue peeling. - The pick guard has curled up and needs replacing. - There is a ding high on the neck (pic.9), also the binding has a few small cracks mostly along the side of the neck with the fret markers on it. By the way, the 9th fret dot is missing. - There are dings on the top, but no cracks. It looks like a crack on the tail (pic. 11), but it is just the finish. There are no cracks on this guitar! - The neck (pic. 5) has a very slight dip where the neck meets the body which indicates some movement of the neck joint. Someday soon you might want to get a reset, but for now it plays well enough. The action is at 4mm at the 14th fret, a bit high, and the saddle is down as far as you'd want it to go. This would lead me to believe that it's had this issue for a very long time and the original player of it just dealt with it's condition rather than have it worked on. - This guitar came in as a sale. I don't know how many owners it has had over the years. - The serial number is 270492 which would date it around 1970.
I was playing it earlier
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