Martin Luther Limited Edition Lutheran Plate 1978 LORDS

Martin Luther

" Family Devotions "

Limited Edition Collectible Plate

This is one of a limited edition of 1,500 fine porcelain plates created especially for Aid Association of Lutherans.

Collector Year 1978 China 10 1/2" with 2 thin gold bands on inner and outer rim I have THREE other plates in this series up for auction as well.

They are:

"FAMILY DEVOTIONS" from 1980 "BAPTISM" from 1979 1981 untitled- some times known as "TEACHER" or "SCHOOLMASTER". The back reads: LORD'S SUPPER

"Participation in this supper is part of the confession by which people testify before God and angels and men that they are Christians. " -Martin Luther

Luther administering Lords Supper. The triptych for the altar is from the studio of Lucas Cranach and actually was completed after Luther's death and dedicated as a memorial to him. The left panel shows Melanchthon, friend of Luther and the dominant spirit of the Reformation after his death, performing a baptism. The center panel depicts the Lords Supper and the right panel shows Pastor Bugenhagen, a Key in each hand, pronouncing absolution. The lower panel, the predella, pictures Luther preaching.

Thomas M. Dietrich, artist emeritus at Lawrence University, was commissioned by Aid Association for Lutherans in Appleton, WI,
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