Martin Roberts Framed Art "The Bread Shop" Signed

Description : This is an 11x 17 matted print.Image size is 7.5 x 10.5. This is a high quality fade resistant print which is produced in open edition with outstanding clarity and color and are incomparable to posters or typical prints. The "Bread Shop" is placed in a double ecru matt and the put in a beautiful woodgrain frame with gold embelishments. Also is TITLED and SIGNED by Martin Roberts himself. These sell at Martin's studio for $139.00 before signing. On the back of the frames is an article written on Mr. Roberts from the Los Angeles Times dated 10/16/1993.

ABOUT Martin Roberts

Not long after the beginnings of photography in the mid-1800s, hand-tinted colors were applied to black and white photos to enhance the image and create the appearance of color. This process continued to grow in popularity until the emergence of color film. A renewed interest in hand-tinting came about in the 1960s and appears, once again, to be gaining popularity. While some people indulge in photo tinting for fun these days, adding color to black and white Photos has been a passion of Orange County artist/photographer Martin Roberts for more than 25 Years.

"I'm the only person I know who shoots black and white film in the tropics," he said. Roberts describes his work as hand-painted, rather than hand-tinted. He uses acrylics,
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