Marty Max Friedman Autograph (Basketball) Index Card!!!

Max "Marty" Friedman
Weight: As a player on April 20, 1972
July 12, 1889 in New York, NY
January 1, 1986
138 pounds

High School: Hebrew Tech Institute (New York, NY) (years unknown) High School Playing Highlights: School had no team
Amateur: AAU University Settlement House
Amateur Playing Highlights: University Settlement House won Metropolitan AAU titles in the 115-pound division (1906-08) Pro: Independent League New York Roosevelts (1908-1909)
Hudson River Valley League Newburgh Tenths (1909-1910, 1911-1912)
New York League Hudson Company F (1910-1911)
NY Utica Utes (1912-1915)
Pennsylvania Inter-County League Carbondale (1914-1915)
Eastern League Philadelphia Jaspers (1915-17, 1922-23)
Interstate League Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (1915-1916)
Independent League New York Whirlwinds (1920-21)
Interstate League Passaic City Athletic Association (1919-20)
Interstate League Turners Falls Athletics (1919-20)
PA Trenton (1920-21)
EL New York Giants (1921-23)
Metropolitan League Brooklyn Dodgers (1921-23)
Interstate League Easthampton Hampers (1920-22)
NY Albany Senators (1919-23)
Connecticut League Bridgeport Blue Ribbons (1920-21)
NY Mohawk Indians (1921-22)
NY League Gloversville


Throughout his era, Max "Marty" Friedman was regarded as the greatest defensive guard in pro basketball. Over a 17-year pro career (1910-27), Marty played in almost every league in the East, usually leading his team to championships. His Utica (NY) team won the World Championship, and a year later, his Carbondale (PA) team won 35-straight en route to the Pennsylvania Inter-County title. In 1921, Friedman played with the New York Whirlwinds, a team considered one of the greatest pro teams of all time. Among his teammates were Hall of Famers Barney Sedran and Nat Holman. In a series to decide the World Championship, 11,000 people watched the Whirlwinds defeat the Original Celtics, 40-27. In that game, Friedman held Celtics' shooting phenom Johnny Beckman to only one field goal. The Celtics won the second game, 26-24, creating a deciding third game. The contest was never played for fear of crowd excitement becoming too much to handle. Friedman finished his playing career as captain of the 1926 American Basketball League champion Cleveland Rosenblums. When World War I began, "Marty" became instrumental in promoting bas...

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