Maruri Santa's World Travels Collection - Set of 15

Santa's World Travels Collection


15 Pieces in All in One Auction
Almost New in Original Boxes
Each one has the Original Certificate of Authenticity
Each one is a Limited Edition

You are bidding on 15 pieces from the Santa's World Travels Collection (I have two sets of one piece) making a total of 14 different pieces from this collection. Every colorful detail has been meticulously hand-painted by Maruri artisans. They are all cold-cast porcelain sculptures, beautifully detailed and are finished front, back and sides. Each sculpture features Santa as he treks around the globe to deliver his gifts with the aid of a host of animal helpers and a friendly elf. This charming collection, entitled Santa's World Travels, depicts St. Nick's whirlwind journey on the most important night of the year. As he makes his rounds to different countries, you'll notice that fun-loving Santa has traded in his traditional red and white costume for a colorful new wardrobe befitting each corner of the world he visits. Each piece retails between $75.00 and $250.00 depending on the size and detail.

Fill'er Up!
4 ½ " high
Ltd Ed. #1805 of 5,000
Santa's fueling a baby hippo with candy in preparation for the long Christmas journey.

Cat Nap
4" high
Ltd Ed.

Winter's Bear Necessities
4 ½ " high
Ltd Ed. #0052 of 5,000
Santa, as a Canadian Mountie, dresses a snowman in new winter accessories while playful bear cubs get into mischief.

Desert Trip
8" high
Ltd Ed. #1036 of 7,500
Santa treks across the Sahara in style on a camel laden with gifts, and shares his water flask with his trusty elf. A genie's lamp is half-hidden in the sand.

Pouch Full of Dreams
5" high
Ltd Ed. #870 of 7,500
While his elf plays a merry tune on a didjeridu, a helpful Kangaroo lends Santa a hand on his travels through Australia's outback. Does Santa know that a mischievous kookaburra bird has hitched a ride on his walking stick?

Guiding Tiger
6 ½" high
Ltd Ed. #1189 of 7,500
With a sleek Bengal tiger as their guide, Santa and his elf make their way through ancient Hindu ruins deep in the jungles of India.

Tea Time
4 ½ " high
Ltd Ed. #463 of 7,500
In China, Santa and his elf enjoy tea and lunch with a handsome panda bear. Santa uses the three coins he is holding to make predictions using the ancient Chinese book of I Ching.

Polar Express
7 ½ " high
Ltd Ed. #957 of 7,500
Santa relies on the help of a polar bear and cub while he uses a pole to maneuver an ice flow through the arctic waters. Meanwhile his faithful elf signals the way.

Crossing the Tundra
6½ " high
Ltd Ed. #894 of 7,500
Not far from the North Pole, Santa uses a dogsled and is helped by a team of loyal huskies to carry him over the frozen tundra.

SS World Travels
7½ " high
Ltd Ed. #777 of 5,000
A school of friendly dolphins, a sure sign of good luck, playfully lead a relaxed Santa on his raft as he sails to the islands to deliver his gifts. Santa is so relaxed he doesn't realize that an octopus is sneaking a candy cane out of the back of the raft. I have included several pictures of this beautiful piece to show the exquisite detail all around.

Santa's Safari
9" high
Ltd Ed. #696 of 5,000
While a friendly African elephant carries him through the jungle, Santa rides in style delivering his gifts on Christmas Eve as an elf points the way.

Frosty Penguin
4½ " high
Ltd Ed. #697 of 7,500
Friendly penguins direct Santa and his elf over slippery ice and frosty snow as they continue their journey through the Antartic regions.

Wild Ride
6" high
Ltd E...

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