Marvel 1971 Third Eye Blacklight Poster: #4012 Wonderful World of Fantastic Four

Marvel1971 Third Eye Blacklight Poster

#4012 - Wonderful World of the Fantastic Four

This rare Third Eye blacklight poster measures 23” x 35”, and is in very nice condition! This poster has been stored rolled in a cardboard tube since it hung on my bedroom wall in 1971! In order to take these photos I placed it under a sheet of acrylic, so you may notice a few reflections in the images. I have closeup photos so that you can see exactly what you are getting!


Colors are brilliant and unfaded. No marks or scratches in the interior of the poster, with the exception of a couple of very, very light stress lines on the left side of Reed Richards. Each of the corners has thumbtack holes – see the photos. The top left corner has a light fold that runs down along the vertical edge, about 4”; doesn’t break the surface color so it’s not too obvious, but it is visible. There’s a small color chip out of the left edge, about 4” up from the bottom. There are several very light stress lines along the left edge, near the center – see photo. Some very small indentations along the bottom edge. All in all, a beautiful poster with very nice eye appeal.

I have a total of 4 Third Eye Blacklight Posters for sale from the Marvel series:

#4006 Astral Thor

#4012 Wonderful World of the
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