Marvel - The Invincible Iron Man "Hulkbuster" Mini-Bust (Limited Edition!)

About The Invincible Iron Man
"The Golden Avenger known as Iron Man (real name: Tony Stark ) is fittingly known as the man with the plan within the Marvel Universe . Whatever the situation in which he finds himself - be it adventuring beneath the waves in his Undersea Armor , soaring beyond the Earth's atomasphere in his Outer Space Armor , or flying under the radar in his sleek Stealth Armor - The Invincible Iron Man is never at a loss for an appropriate change of clothes."
About the "Hulkbuster" Armor
In anticipation of an encounter with The Hulk , Stark fashioned a super-heavy-duty outer frame, one created for the absolute maximum in strength amplification. This massive exoskeleton, appropriately dubbed the Hulkbuster Armor , first appeared in Iron Man #304 ( May 1994 ), and immediately became a fan-favorite."
About the Mini-Bust Statue
This is a brand new, limited edition mini-bust statue - only 2200 exist worldwide! This statue is #1966 of 2200 , as verified at the bottom of the box (see picture #6). This statue is display ready and is 8.5" tall .This statue was sculpted by the Kucharek Brothers and manufactured by Bowen Designs .
This item is reasonably priced compared to other auctions/sellers. All of the images in this auction belong to me ( with the exception of the first/main image ).
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