Marvel Legends CUSTOM BLACK CASSIDY ONLY Xmen banshee brother / juggernaut buddy


Evil older brother of Banshee and friend of Juggernaut

I'm just a private collector and have a ton of other DC Universe/classics (250+), Marvel legends (200+), Star Wars, Star Trek, Legos / Bionicles (100+ sets), etc. that I'm starting to put on Ebay a little at a time - so be watching. I do combine shipping.

I also have the following:

X-men: Wolverine (yellow/blue), Wolverine (orange/brown), Wolverine (AOA), Storm, Cyclops (Classic), Angel (red), Angel (AOA Archangel), Prof X (black Suit), Prof X (blue Suit), Iceman w/ iced sentinel stand, Banshee, Bishop (bald), Domino, Havok (custom), Polaris (custom), Cannon ball (custom), Sunspot (custom), Longshot, Psylocke, x-23 (black), x-23 (purple)

Xmen enemies: Juggernaut w/ gate stand, Black Tom Cassidy (Custom), Sabertooth, Toad w/ swamp stand, Pyro, Lady deathstrike, Spiral, Mojo...

Astonishing Xmen: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Beast, wolverine

Avengers: Hulk (classic), Hulk (Original), Thor, Captain America (classic), Captain America (Original), Falcon w/ hawk (classic), Antman (hank Pym), Wasp, Ironman (classic), Ironman (original), Ironman (chase gold / red), Ironman (modern), Ironman (Extremis), Wonderman w/ glider, Scarlet witch, Captain Marvel, Tigra, She-hulk, Sentry

Masters of Evil
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