Marvel Legends custom figure Super Shredder tmnt ninja

Hey comics fans and TMNT fans up for auction here is a custom made marvel legends Super Shredder action figure. This guy comes complete with a removeable cape, and a removeable helmet. Based on the movie version with a few artistic liberties, Shredder is beefed but also seriously damaged from his stay in the trash compacter. He sports open flesh wounds and exposed pieces of bone on his face! The cape was made from a fabric material just like the old school shredder figure. The base figure was beefed up for accuracy, and the entire front half of the helmet including horns was hand sculpted for this specific figure. He has washes and drybrush elements over his entire body for a realistically detailed appearance. He stands over 6 inches. He's made to fit to the tmnt figure lines but he looks great when displayed among other Marvel Legends scaled figures as well.

I will admit to one thing though, this figure was created to maintain all of his original articulation but during the process of making him his ankle joint snapped off. I DID manage to fix it with some glue, and it STILL retains it's articulation, but it isn't something I would be careless with if I won this auction. Beyond that, he's built to be played with and posed.

If you're a TMNT fan this is going to be an auction you want to bid on. Once he's gone he'
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