Marvel Legends Icons Nightcrawler 12" Action Figure

Marvel Legends Icons Nightcrawler 12" Action Figure
Most mutants can pass as human, and most do in order to remain hidden and safe among the humans that vastly outnumber them. Not so Kurt Wagner. On the very day of his birth he was pursued out of his home by fearful humans, and flung from a cliff. Miraculously saved, he was raised in a small circus by a tightly knit troupe of acrobats, and sorcerers, surrounded by love and protected from the outside world.
All good things must pass, however. Kurt would never again know a time as happy as he had in this tiny, Bravarian circus. His adult life has been spent in battle, first with the X-Men, and later with Excalibur. Though he has found safety and family among his fellow mutants, that safety has come iwth the price of constant vigilance. Now known as Nightcrawler, he is more than happy to fight for the freedom of his brethren.
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