hello! i have practically the entire toy biz run of marvel legends up for sale plus more! (no box sets though, i've kept them for myself) check them out! and act fast before others snatch them up! if you're looking for a toy biz marvel legend i don't have then somebody else probably already bought it! i'm selling them to make space as i've already got loose doubles of almost all of them...well...that and bills, but my loss is your gain (and my gain too i guess)!
up for sale is marvel legends ONSLAUGHT series ABOMINATION still sealed in the package. all figures kept for display on wall and that's it. straight from the shelf to the wall (in some cases from other ebay sellers i bought them from straight to the wall). i researched completed listings on ebay for the previous several weeks to get an idea of how much these are going for but just in case the prices are too steep for some of you i'm allowing best offer's but only reasonable ones! remember if other buyers want the same item as you you'll have to out offer them to get it! so think reasonably! and right off hand i will let it be known that any offers below half the buy it now will automatically be rejected without consideration! i generally ship out within a few days of payment, but this is the largest lot i've sold at once so i'll try my best to get them out as fast as
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