Marvel Legends PileDriver.Thor Asguardian, Hulk/Leader Face off,Xmen Juggernaut

Up for Auction ...From my personal collection .... Five Marvel Legends Hasbro/Toybiz figures..... Hasbro Wave 1 Thor ... .Hasbro Wave 2 Arnim Zola: (PileDriver variant or Thunderball) and Hulk/ Leader from Face-off 2PK and X-Men series Juggernaut .. all figures were for display only and are in good condition...shipping cost are calculated for Members East of the Mississippi excluding Florida and Maine.... all other states add $2 so please contact me before youbid.... Sorry no international Members or any other member not located in the 50 U.S. States at this time. Note: Wonderman and Wolverine not in this Auction.