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* ** * MMW * Trade Paperback Book * 2014 * ** *
* ** * Marvel Masterworks * Soft Cover * ** *
* ** * Rawhide Kid * Volume 1 * ** *
The MARVEL MASTERWORKS tame the wild, wild West
with the one and only Rawhide Kid!
Before Stan "the Man" Lee and Jack "King" Kirby
spun stories of sensational super heroes, they told the tale of a
young frontiersman who bore two Colt six-shooters and had a
thirst for justice! After his Uncle Ben Bart was killed at the
hands of outlaws, Johnny Bart made it his personal mission
to bring law and order to the town of Rawhide.
Thrill to the origin of our gun toting
vigilante. Presenting 27 powerful stories packed full of
shootouts & showdowns, guts and gamblers,
renegades & rustlers and guns & girls galore.
These Western yarns will be sure to please you
in the Mighty Marvel Manner!
So hold on to your ten-gallon hat when you
read tales of the Terrible Totem, the Kid's battle against
the bank-robbing Bat, and the war with Wolf Waco!
Plus, The Midnight Raiders, Blackjack Bordon, The Twister
and too many other nefarious owl hoots to mention.
So what more do you need to know, True Believer.
Lasso your copy today !
Collecting 27 classic Silver Age stories that were originally
published in 1960-61 in:
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