MARVEL SUPER HEROES 1966 TV SERIES COLLECTION ON DVD UP FOR AUCTION , This is a posting for a 5 set collection of the (#22) 1966 MARVEL SUPERHEROES TV SERIES DVD case covers. Included with the covers are the COMPLETE Marvel Super Heroes 1966 TV cartoon series. This particular TV series was not & is not being produced or marketed in the U.S.. This set has been formatted for viewing on any DVD player. Each character series is complete for all 5 of the original Marvel Superheroes, Captain America , Iron Man ,The Incredible Hulk , The Mighty Thor, & The Sub-Mariner, ATTN, this 10 DVD set has EXCELLENT audio & video reception, and rated as Very GOOD DVDs. We have a wide variety of First hand ORIGINAL, & colorful DVD cases containing spectacular MARVEL COMICS art of each character,"you can't get these anywhere else. Also FREE GIFTS with every purchase, a Marvel 8 1/2 x11 poster, a "HERO" Theme song sample CD( for the " NOW PLAYING" 6 CD set on auction) containing over 42 tracks of popular TV, cartoon & Movie theme songs, AND an extra DVD of the popular 1967 TV cartoon series, the "FANTASTIC FOUR", presented by Cartoon Network, the complete series with 20 episodes, good audio & visual. The complete set( 5 MARVEL COMICS DVD COVER ART cases & extras- 11 DVDs, 1 CD & poster) is being sold for $48, $3 shipping, ... read more