Marvel universe Custom Colleen wing

Hey welcome to another one of my custom action figures. Here we have a 3 3/4 inch custom Colleen Wing . This figure is marvel Universe style meaning that it is 3 3/4inch figure. This action is for a marvel universe custom Colleen Wing. With custom banging design how can you pass this unique custom up with awsome detail and shading. New policy. If you plan to bid make sure you have money in your paypal to pay for the item before you make a bid. If there is something extra in the photo as in a stand or figure for hight comparison Not to be extra unless wrote above. .Figure has been put together to prevent paint chipping. Customs are ment for 18+. If you plan on buying make sure you want the custom figure before you bid. Because for any reason you feel the need to leave negative feed back because you changed your mind and you need or want your money back and not a real reason I am responsible for. You will be blocked and reported to eBay and other custamizers. If you have a problem with any figure contact me before you leave feedback because I am happy to try and fix any problems. I work very had on my products and I will continue to make them as long as I can. If you make a bid and revise your bid with out contacting me first. You will be blocked. . If for any qustion please do not hesitate to ask. These rules are to prevent theft ... read more