I am offering this outstanding MARX tin litho Roadside Rest Service Station, sometimes referred to as a filling station, complete with the original box. I believe all the parts are there and are in EX condition. I believe it is from the 1920's. I could find only one reference to this item on the internet being sold complete with the original box. It was in 2008 for over $1500. I guess that would make it RARE.

The station shows some light scratches and shows some minor surface rust on the bottom of the MOTOR OIL cart (see pictures). I think it can be cleaned with some polishing compound. The 2 gas pumps are complete with hoses. The hoses are removable; but, the rubber is a little stiff. I don't see any hose cracks. The air pump is not supposed to have a hose. The car lift works fine. The car has wooden wheels - no cracks.

The station has 3 battery powered lights. The battery (D cell) fits in the 200 gal. tank in the rear of the station. I could not get the lights to work.

The 2 figures behind the counter are sometimes referred to as LAUREL & HARDY (comedians from that era). I don't think so. Laurel doesn't look thin enough and Hardy doesn't look heavy enough.

The 2 piece box is in very nice condition. Please note the pencil (?) writing on the front/top of the box.

This MARX tin litho toy will
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