Marx - Bar-M-Ranch (metal), corral, cowboys, furniture (50 pieces total)

Metal ranch house, 7 cowboys, 1 cowgirl, 3 horses, 1 steer, 1 wooden box, table & benches,pot belly stove, lantern,
firewood, small end table,well, cabinet, sharpening wheel, tree, Bar-M-Ranch entrance gate, 23 pieces of

Please see all of the other cars and accessories I havelisted

(this is the complete list): Silver Bullet #356 locomotive & tender,American

Flyer Atlantic locomotive and tender # 302, wrecker car #606, box car #633,

boom & work car # 607, log car C&NWRY, caboose # 630, trestle set #780,

remote control track switches #702A, cross over track 90 degrees #725, bridge

with light, revolving aircraft beacon #769, Marx tunnel, Whistle stop set (newspaper stand, waiting stand, candy stand), 3 cardboard billboards (7-up, Shell Oil, Chiffon soap flakes), 3 plastic billboards (Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Chevrolet), cardboard trestle set, plastic tunnel, track (44 straight, 30 curved), Ranch house (Bar-M-Ranch) with cowboys and horses +, loading dock items with workers, barrels, ramp, crates, carts, dollies and boxes +, 3 Marx plastic trucks, 2 railroad crossing gates, books – Amer Flyer instructions for assembly & operating, Model Railroad Track & Layout, The Railroad by Santa Fe System Lines, Fun & Thrills

This is part of my train set as a kid.