MARX 'Big Loo' ROBOT Toy - Big! Retro! Great Condition!

Rare Mid Century Robot Toy : Big Loo is a very rare toy robot that was manufactured by Louis Marx and Company for the holiday season of 1963 .The production was about 5,000 in total. Thedimensions of the actual toy were 12 inches wide by 9 inches deep by 37 inches tall. Its key features included a sight scope with sight cross-hairs , two flashing battery-powered red eyes with on-off switch, a hand crank voice box with ten messages, two rubber tipped darts that were fired from triggers in the back, a left arm that held four red balls that are fired from a spring in the left elbow, and a right arm that had a metal ring in the shoulder and rotated 360 degrees. One foot was equipped with a spring-powered rocket. It could also squirt water from its navel and was equipped with a compass , whistle, bell, a Morse code clicker with chart, and could bend over and pick up objects .
A Big Loo in mint condition with all the features listed above typically sells for $1500-$1800. The Big Loo we have for sale is in very good condition. His body is intact, including the base, which is often broken or broken off. Features are as follows:
• sight scope: present
• eyes: do not flash, battery contacts rusty, might function with cleanup
• voice box: makes sound, but handle is broken off, making it impossible to rotate at speed great enough
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