Marx Boy Scout Camp Playset Figures and Accessories

I am not a Marx expert. I have never seen a complete Boy Scout Camp set, nor have I read a description of what the playset actually contains. I do know this is not a complete set, though there are many extra people and animals. I am not sure that everything here is actually part of this set. At least one of the rock formations I believe is from some other non-Marx set. Please study the pictures and read the description below carefully and ask if you need any further information. Forest Animals: There is no damage to any of the animals. 23 white animals – these need a good cleaning 19 brown animals in excellent condition 12 dark brown animals in mint condition – no fading at all 8 animals – 6 white and 2 grey – the white ones need a cleaning People: There is no damage to any of the people. 17 blue figures in excellent condition - there is a duplicate of the man with a walking stick. 18 brown figures in excellent condition – there are duplicates of the man with a walking stick, the boy with a hatchet, the boy trying to start a fire (I think), and the man saluting. 2 white figures in good condition Small accessories with no damage: 2 red canoes One speaker platform with steps in brown One table with bowls, soap etc in brown One board with tied knots in brown One short pennant
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