Marx Chris Craft Constellation Model Yacht Boat Vintage

1950's Marx Chris Craft Constellation Model Yacht Boat

Unassembled in the Box

All aboard this auction for an unassembled, never even started, Marx Chris Craft Constellation model yacht kit from the 1950's. The outer box is tattered and torn in places, but the actual plastic pieces are in like new condition. Four of the bags have been opened in the past, so I removed the contents of each bag and photographed them for you. The factory sealed bags were left alone. They include the turquoise, clear, chrome and decal flag parts. All the parts are in mint condition and appear to be present, even the original paper bag labeled "Figures" with the captain and two bathing beauties.

This is a magnificent estate sale find from a family who sailed the Great Lakes in their day. This kit can be converted to a radio controlled boat if you buy a separate kit, but this yacht being offered is for static display. This will make a wonderful addition to your nautical collection.

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