Marx O gauge ROCK ISLAND 8 wheel 'dummy'/non-powered loco

Came across this today while further excavating in the garage. Too bad I hadn't found it when listing the powered RI loco as I would have paired them. This is something different, and I suspect more difficult to find. Not only is it the uncommon version of the loco (why would someone buy a switch engine that couldn't switch unless they just had to have the look of more power. On road engines dummy units made the train look more realistic, but... I digress) , but it also is in great condition - probably not used much.

They were part of a large purchase of Marx items in the 80s and intended for a layout which never was built. Decades later I need the room in the garage and boxes of all sorts of stuff have to go. It's your turn to fill a train room...or garage.

Please check out the other Marx pieces I've currently listed and will soon add to. Buy several and save on shipping!

"Je suis Marxiste - tendance Loius." (I am a Marxiste - of the Loius tendency) . I came across this quote referencing Groucho and changed it.

Shipping weight is 2 lb 9 oz. ; cost is calculated using ebay shipping calculator - to the east coast from the west coast. Please contact for international shipping.

You have the choice of insurance. It's well packed and parts are intact. It's your decision. Postage quote is based
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