Marx Johnny West Indian Chief Cherokee Horse Stormcloud

Vintage Marx Johnny West Indian Chief Cherokee, Horse Storm Cloud (with unusual factory Marx brand) and all 36 original vintage Accessories (including HTF hackamore and ermine tails!)

Hey Johnny West fans! This week I'll be listing some of the best figures from my JW collection -so don't miss out on this chance to get some great quality, clean vintage figures!

Wow...this is a sweet pair! Chief Cherokee and his trusty steed Storm cloud! The Chief is in excellent, minty condition! He has no chips, cracks, chew marks, breaks or repairs. His joints are nice and tight, his paint is excellent, and his plastic is clean and shiny! He comes with a complete set of all 36 vintage accessories, which are in excellent, new-like condition, including: spear, shield with w all of its feathers and strap, bow, quiver & 6 arrows, rifle, hatchet, rattle, peace pipe, drumstick, tom-tom, war-club, knife sheath, knife, beaded belt, wampum, bear-claw necklace, full headdress with rare ermine tails, buffalo hat, ceremonial mask, feather headband, Par fleche bag and strap, and bone breastplate.

Storm cloud horse is in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks, or breaks. His paint is nice and shiny with only minimal scuffs and only has a few melt marks -which are completely covered over by his saddle blanket and cinch. This
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