Marx ? Large Plastic Cowboy On Horse With Double Holster Vinyl Accessories

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In this listing is a really cool cowboy-about 10" tall in solid plastic with removable hat, double gun belt and spurs riding a horse with a saddle set and bridle, missing the reins with a rifle in the sheath. Now for the disclaimer-THIS IS HOW I CAME ACROSS THIS ITEM, I AM NOT SURE IF THESE ARE ALL THE CORRECT ACCESSORIES OR NOT. The reason I think it Marx is due to the quality of the item and the accessories. The rifle is an exact duplicate of the Marx Winchester that came with Johnny West and gang BUT it is made of hard plastic and it has a coat of silver on it and was originally black. The silver color matches the trim of the horse, which is the factory painted color. There is some wear from the hat coming on and off at the forehead of the figure. The pistols look like the ones that would come with Butch Cavendish from the Legend of the Lone Ranger series-not sure if these are the ones this figure came with but again, this is how it came to me. The double holster IS NOT LIKE any of the ones that I have seen from the Lone Ranger series, nor is the rifle or sheath. The spurs are both missing the stars on the back but otherwise this item displays just awesome. This could be just the right piece to help you relive your childhood today! See the photos to see if this item is right for you. Use the zoom
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