Marx Riding Locomotive #3000 ride-on metal toy train, The Lightning Express

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Well, looks like this is another project I won't be starting anytime soon, so it is best to let someone else get started on it.
I don't know much about this toy train. From some research, it is a Marx 3000 ride on pressed metal train locomotive -- the Lightning Express.
It is in the same condition I found it in.
Someone added their own paint touches, badly. Missing the turning handle. Wheels appear in good shape. Not real sure what other accessories are missing.
Sold as is.
Please ask about shipping costs to your area. Item weighs around 10 lbs, and would be shipped in a box 12"x15"x32". Depending on you area and method of shipping, I have seen the costs range from $30 to $60, so please check that out before bidding.
Please ask any questions.
Please make payment within 3 days of end of sale.
Please send Feedback.
I live in a rural area and usually get into mail things once a week, usually Thursday or Friday.