Marx Roy Rogers Ranch Set BOX ONLY, Number 3979-3980, 1950s

Here's a vintage, 1950s Marx Roy Rogers Ranch Set.....BOX ONLY.......Number 3979-3980. It's nice and solid, square and bright. Issues: The front left corner is split; a small amount of image is missing from where the box was factory sealed with tape, front center; some old tape present on the exterior corners, no longer functional. It measures 21.5 X 9 X 3. The ruler and/or the quarter in the photos are meant for scale only and are not included in the listing. If winning multiple lots, please look for any "Continue Shopping" button, then I've had instances where buyers will purchase many lots at once and ebay sends them individual invoices, one for each item....then the buyer pays for them one at a time....then I process through Paypal one at a time.....WAY TOO MUCH paper and work for you and me! PLEASE WAIT UNTIL I SEND YOU A CONSOLIDATED INVOICE WITH A S&H DISCOUNT. I typically generate invoices the night the auction closes or within 24 hours, depending on a myriad of things, ALWAYS consolidating S&H on multiple lot wins so if you get an invoice right away but are bidding on other lots, feel free to ignore it and wait for a final invoice with the discounted and consolidated S&H, one invoice, one payment, easy peezie! NEW PAYMENT NEWS AS OF 8/6/14: Payment is to be by Paypal PER EBAY STRICT INTERNAL POLICIES. My listings ... read more