Marx "Sands of Iwo Jima" Miniature Playset

MARX "Sands of Iwo Jima" Miniature Play Set

Very Cool Marx Iwo Jima WWII Playset! "Made in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong." I believe this item to be 1960s vintage or older. See below for a detailed list of contents and the condition of each piece. Rare to see a set with this many pieces. I believe t are also some extras that were not originally included in the set.

Original box

Box top is in extremely rough shape, to the point w it doesn’t really work as a box top anymore, but the art is really cool Bottom of box is intact, but stained and crushed in spots

Mount Suribachi

Includes flag-raising mini-diorama piece that fits on top

31 Japanese soldiers, handpainted

18 in perfect or near-perfect condition 10 with broken weapons (time was tough on the samurai swords, especially) 2 with broken arms 1 missing feet

26 American soldiers, handpainted

20 in perfect or near-perfect condition 3 with broken weapons 3 with broken hands Included are the four soldiers who fit into the flag-raising mini-diorama; unfortunately, one of them is among the hand casualties

5 Jeeps

One of them has no wheels

2 American half-track personnel carriers

One is slightly chewed up in a couple places and is missing 1 wheel

3 machine guns

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