MARX TRAIN ENGINE This auction is for a marx o scale die cast 666 steam engine that really smokes. This engine runs in forwards and in reverse but headlight is not working, ts a screw missing in the headlight on the driver side(maybe the light can be replaced or fixed). The smoker works great out of the top when smoke fluid is applied. This engine is black & has a rustic look from age. This engine turns freely by hand and the motor shows no bad gears or broken teeth or loose wheels. The casting has no breaks or cracks and it has all its hand rails on both sides "not bent or kinked" , also this engine has the proper plastic insert in the front for the headlight to shine through. This engine is in great shape considering its age and it was a great runner when it was tested. We have some old 3 rail lionel track & tested it & it runs like a top!!! IF THESE PICTURES DON'T SHOW UP FOR YOU EMAIL ME & I WILL EMAIL THEM TO YOU!! I ONLY SELL QUALITY ITEMS "CHECK MY FEED BACKS!!" & BID WITH CONFIDENCE. BUYER PAYS A MANDATORY $1.00 HANDLING FEE PLUS A .75 CENT DELIVERY CONFORMATION FEE PLUS SHIPPING COSTS. INSURANCE NEW PRICE LIST! FOR: ( DOMESTIC ) USA- VALUE COVERAGE IF DESIRED:

$0.01 TO $50.00 FEE IS $1.70

$50.01 T0 $100.00 FEE IS $2.15

$100.01 TO $200.00 FEE IS $2.60

$200.01 TO $300.00 FEE
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