Marx Split Level Tin Doll House with Furniture & People

A very nice, well preserved, 1960's tin, split level Doll House by MARX. Bonus: POOL with diving board and ladder! Includes all the furniture you see here. Many original Marx furniture pieces, but additional pieces as well-both larger and smaller sizes. Most sets have 2 -4 people, here there are 21-count them twenty one ! (the fact they are all women-except one boy swimmer- invites speculation regarding the social/psychlogical profile of the previous owner)! Includes baby and 2 people in bathing attire. (1 boy diving and 1 girl in sitting position) Also has the "thru the wall" fireplace with roasting turkey on a spit and the rocking horse. The grapics on both the exterior and interior are in suberb condition-bright and color fast- for the age of the toy. The metal tabs are all intact and functional. No rust whatsoever.

Now for the flaws. I want to provide as much detail as I can, so that you, the bidder, knows what condition the items is. I risk losing prospective buyers for too much negative information, but I'd rather be safe than have one unhappy buyer. Plus, this item IS close to 50 years old-and how many of us can say we don't have some wear and tear on us as a result of the passing of time and lifes stuggles!

There is some scratching-but considering the age-remarkable little. The most wear is on the floor near
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