LIONEL #2338 MILWAUKE BODY ? ready to restore

In accordance with my wife's ultimatum - to either sell all the train stuff in the back porch & basement & garage, or have someone haul it all away - I am continuing my slow, but ongoing effort to comply with her wishes. Fortunately, she still agreeds to let me keep the trains in the front room & den & bedroom. And, also, fortunately, she still has not given me a time limit - which is very much in my favor. You see I'm one of those guys who hasn't seen a train item that I didn't want to keep. So, if any of you do end up buying anything from me, I will always accept it back - for any reason - within three days of receipt - and I will return all of your purchase money including prepaid shipping.

But, also note, I will not make any adjustment to the purchase price once the auction ends So, after winning the auction, you will have to choose to either keep your winning for the full price that you bid, or you can return the auction item and get your money back. You might further note that all of my deliveries & any of your returns are guaranteed dollar-wise by pay pal if you choose to use their payment service.

Having said all that, I am hoping to sell this ORIGINAL – DELUXE PLASTIC – WESTERN PACIFIC (WP) - WORK CABOOSE - without box, made by Marx,
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