Unique old instrument, created to help students learn to play music easily. This is missing 4 strings and I have 3 of them. The lyre shaped instrument has a very lovely front panel, and I have the original key to tune the strings. I have 114 sheets of music, made for this instrument, along with the "Latest and most concise Method of Teaching Music" which has 2 pages of instructions written in English and German as well as 14 songs, written in English. All the sheets are old and not in great condition, but certainly usable and readable. This instrument was invented by H. C. Marx, as stated on all the sheet music and it's patent No. is 1044553. On the inside of the instrument on a label is:


made in U.S.A .

Agents Wanted


Phonoharp Co.

East Boston


Unfortunately I just found out that I must go out of town on Mon. the 7th. and won't return until the 14th. If your check or money order comes while I'm gone, I will mail the Marxophone out on Tues. the 15th. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.