Marys Moo Moos 2003 Chicago Cubs give away Harry Caray

Hello!, you are bidding on an Enesco Mary's Moo Moos figurine. I thought of putting them together as a lot, but with the low starting bid of just .01, I figure it will work out better if you just bid on all the ones you want and make your own lot. I will combine shipping to get you the lowest rate.From 2003, this was a give away at a Chicago Cubs game, in honor of Harry Caray.
This figurine is: "It Might Be, It Cud Be, It Is...Holy Cow!". stock # 113122 bottom is numbered #8 of 10,000 Figurine is in brand new, mint condition, collector's quality. It includes original box, and all paperwork. It also includes the game ticket stub, and a special commemorative card. Please note the sticker label on box is thinner than usual and is a little bit transparent. I am the original purchaser of these from a retail store way back when these were all the rage. I spent a lot of time in Hallmark stores! I also drove a lot of store managers crazy, because I always asked to look at all of the figures to get the lowest edition number possible. In case you are curious as how to read the numbering; Ex. 94MM413 the first digit is the year produced, second digit is the edition, 3rd block of numbers (after the MM) is the number within that edition. The example would be a fourth edition #413 made in 1999. As far as the roman numerals go.. II is 200
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