masada beit/two john zorn dave douglas diw japan import

used cd/condition: G. diw/diskunion, japan, 1994.

CD GRADINGS: good or G : acceptable/has surface wear, fair amount of lite/swallow surface scratches or scuffs or marks, but nothing that should effect how it plays (if you are looking for a pristine looking copy, this is not it; however, if you just want an inexpensive used copy to listen to, this'll work fine). good plus or G+ : light surface wear, very minimal scuffs/surface scratches (from sliding in & out of these plastic sleeves no doubt), nothing that should effect the sound. very good or VG : very clean, no scratches or scuffs.

all cds are the real deal. no boots or burned copies.

please note: this does not have a standard jewel case. it is in a clear plastic sleeve. the booklet or insert & the back cover/insert is included/complete.

I can nolonger ship to BRAZIL. if you live in Brazil, please do not bid. I have had too many hassles in the past with delivery to Brasil. Sorry.

combined shipping: FREE SHIPPING IN AMERICA (whether you win one or all of em). CANADA & MEXICO: 5 dollars for first one or two CDs, .50 cents per each additional CD. EVERYW ELSE: 5 dollars for one CD, add one dollar each for additional cd. thanks for checking out the cds.