Mascotte cigarette filter tube filling machine & 100 tubes (like rizla concept)

You are looking at a Mascotte Classic tube filling machine plus one box of 100 Mascotte Classic tubes (for additional tubes are see our other listings). When combined with your choice of tobacco, this system allows you to make high quality cigarettes yourself.

If you are used to Rizla Concept you will love the Mascotte equivalent - easy to use, of high quality and more economical. The tube filling machines are made in Germany to a high standard.

Check out our shop as we have a wide range of tubes available: Classic, Menthol, Gold (with micro perforations), Carbon (charcoal) and X-Long filter tubes plus several models of filler

The manufacturers spec can be found here: http://www./en/producten/189-mascotte-tube-filling-machine-classic.html . Mascotte are one of the leading manufacturers of rolling papers and smoking accessories globally.

Please check our shop as lots of other quality Mascotte products are coming on stream soon.

Note recent feedback from buyers of our fillers & tubes:

Favourite tubes so far. Easy draw and even burning no odour paper (Mascotte GOLD Tubes)

Premium tubes Very smooth smokes (Mascotte Carbon tubes)

gr8 product very quick delivery would buy again thanks (Mascotte Menthol tubes)

Have tried all the tubes/machines in the UK,
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