Masked Ninja Hanamaru FAMICOM Nintendo Brand New Rare

Masked Ninja Hanamaru FAMICOM Nintendo Brand New Rare
"The localized game was released in the rest ofthe world as Yo! Noid".

Recently I discovered an electronics shop that was goingout of business due to the recession and I stumbled upon heaps of BRAND NEW Famicom games that were kept in old boxes for over 20 years…..These games are mega rare and new used and unplayed….you must remember that in Japan Famicom games did not come in shrink wrap in those days so the boxes due have minor shelf ware and are still in excellent condition to be collectibles. the insides of the games are new…unused!

I remember the first Nintendo carts the black box originals in North America they did not come sealed in shrink wrap remember that too? This is the same in Japan about NO wrap…once you open the games you will see they re unused NEW 100%!!

Please don’t pass up the miracle chance to own one of these BRAND NEW games…

Game will be boxed and sent via registered mail with online tracking number.

"The localized game was released in the rest of the world as Yo! Noid".
The game is a modified version of an earlier Japanese release called Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru (for details, see below).

I am not held responsible for lost or damaged items if not insured and tracked through the postal must ask

Due to so many customs problems in, Brazil and Italy I ship only via EMS with tracking number and insurance to those places . Contact me for pricing before bidding.

Yo! Noid is a localization of the lesser-known Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru ( 仮面の忍者 花丸 , Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru ? lit. "Masked Ninja Hanamaru") , a Famicom game released by Capcom in Japan on March 16 , 1990 . Much of the presentation was changed. However, none of the game mechanics were changed. The localized game was released in the rest of the world as Yo! Noid . Given that both games were released in the same year, it is possible that they were developed concurrently instead of Yo! Noid being considered a mere localization of Hanamaru.

In the process, the game gained conce in locations but lost it in plot and character design. Pizza-eating contests were originally card-based battles. Most of the game's music was re-used for Yo! Noid , though a few tunes were changed. A few new tracks were written for the latter to reflect a more American atmosp

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