Mason & Sullivan Co. Kieninger Grandfather Clock

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I had the clock oiled and serviced on 10/17/06. Our clock service man said that it is in very good condition and t is no slag in the movements. The clock has been well cared for. He was impressed by the heavy copper face and the workmanship of the cabinet.

Item: Grandfather Clock Maker: The clock was aquired through the Mason a& Sullivan Co. and is marked Kieninger on the inside back panel. Age: Unknown, Our clock service man believes it to be around 35 years old and he has had over 25 years experience in clock service and repair. Aprox. Size: This clock stands 7 feet from it's base bottom to the highest point on top. The Cabinet base is 18 1/2" wide and 12 1/2" deep with the widest point on the upper cabinet at just a little under 19 3/4" wide. Description and condition: This is a used German made Kieninger Chain Driven Grandfather clock, the clock movements were purchased from Mason & Sullivan Co. Osterville Mass. The cabinet was
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