Masonic Knights Templar Sword by the MC Lilley Co.

This is an absolutely gorgeous Knights Templar sword made by the M C Lilley & Co. Columbus Ohio. This sword dates circa 1882-1925. This has to be the ultimate in Masonic swords for its beauty and rarity. It has a few minor blemishes and very light wear, but it would be second to none for its pristine condition. This sword has a real Ivory handle beautifully scrimshawed with the owners initials and masonic symbols. It even has a full standing knight ready to draw his sword on cross guard, with TWO more knights on scabbard ready to draw theirs also!! The blade is engraved with the knights Templar motif with its gold wash finish to highlight all its fine engraving. The blade has a mirror finish as well as the scabbard. In fact I had to take the pictures with lights so low I couldn't see the sword on screen, otherwise all the pictures would be nothing but a bright light, that's how clean this sword is!!

The sword dimentions is overall 37 1/4" long with blade 7/8"wide. I also noticed the sword is definitely heavier than the usual Masonic sword. The scabbard has a nice red enamel on the cross on the upper mount and on the drag as you can see in the photo. Also it has KT symbol intertwined on the center mount, the upper mount has two knights in silver. T isn't alot more I can tell you about this sword as I think the pictures
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