Masonic Mason Freemasonry LEGENDA XIX-XXX Albert Pike

Masonic Mason Freemasonry LEGENDA XIX-XXX Albert Pike



These are very scarce, and exceedingly sought after books by Confederate General Albert Pike.

LEGENDA XIX-XXX contains little known esoteric information pertaining to the development of the 19° through the 30° . 170 pages


"Ask yourself if you have the key that unlocks the ancient allegories of the oriental books? The creation of the Female from a portion of the Male near his heart; the Garden of Eden, at the source of the four mystic rivers flowing to the four cardinal points of the compass, the Tree of Knowledge, Generator of Good and Evil; the two rivers, one of which waters the Land of Gold, that is, of Light, and another, that of Ethiopia, or of Darkness; the Sphinx or Cherub at the gate of the garden, with the flaming sword, every way revolving, of the Guardians of the symbol.................In other words, are you a true Initiate?"

page 18 legenda xxxii

This was considered REQUIRED READING by Pike himself. No Mason can truly understand the Scottish Rite degrees without reading this essential work.

T is no publishing date or author cited. circa: late 1800' s early 1900 's, presumed first edition . We know it was written by Pike himself because he references this
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