Masonic Shriners Award plate~~Nice~~

This is a really neat Awards Plate.

I believe it is for the Masonic Shriners organization.

The front of the plate has a sticker stating 24 kt Gold, and some kind of and emblem in the center. Measures about 4" across. No Chips or cracks noted.

The back of plate it has " The art of chokin. The images care created by etching pure copper and then gilding it with silver and gold. The engravings were originally created to decorate the armament of the samurai warriors. This are form was handed down for over eight hundred years. This limited edition is hand etched by world famous artist Kaygetsu. devoting all his energy to perfect an ancient systems. Fresno California, 24K Gold Edged. Made in Japan."

The back has two gold tone stickers listing the Kem Potentate 88, and the President M.S.A. (Plate stand is not included)

Thanks for looking! Please check out the other award plate as well.