This is a 4+" diameter X 25 feet nylon rope. Each end is tied with black tape to stop any fraying of the ends. This is a cutting from the larger piece in the pics. This rope is a tug boat rope and was used to pull barges and ships. It has some minor fraying towards one end. The rope is a little dirty from use and has some minor staining and t It would be great for a fence or just for decoration. It would look great hanging on a porch, fence, swimming pool or a place with a nautical or maritime theme. This type rope sells new for about $20+ a foot. Unfortunately, the largest piece we can ship parcel post looks like 30 feet due to weight. Need a 30 footer please email us. This rope weighs approx. 2.5 pounds a foot. If you want to pick up a longer piece please email us and we can arrange a pickup of a 50 or 100 footer or any length you want over 30 feet and up to 500 feet.

We accept Paypal before or cash upon pickup. Buyer pays shipping if thats what you want to do. We will send an invoice with parcel post or priority mail. No handling fees! If you have a UPS account we will gladly box up a larger piece and drop it off at the local UPS store billed to your account for the shipping part. You will have to pay for the rope via Paypal first.

We expect payment within 10 days and pick up within 10 days or appropriate feedback
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