Massive Berger Giessere Barau 8" dia. Swiss Cow Bell

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Giant 8" Diameter Brass Swiss Cow Bell

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Giant 8" Diameter Brass Authentic Swiss Cow Bell

I offer this giant vintage bronze Swiss cow bell on behalf of a friend of mine who bought this in Switzerland years ago. This bell cost something in the order of $1,000 at the time I am told. It is absolutely gigantic and the sound is unbelievably beautiful. It is decorated with lots of alpine cows, edelweiss, roses and the Swiss cross and of course the foundry mark. The bell is made by Berger Giessere Barau, a very well known foundry. The bell is 7 inches in height and the opening has a diameter of 8 inches. It weighs approximately 10 lbs. boxed and packed for shipment to you. The heavily decorated leather neck strap measures about 37" from brass buckle to the other end.

Obviously this has never been around the neck of a cow but was made as a decorative item and for other uses, like calling your husband in for dinner! Due to the weight the shipping for this item will be based on your zip code.
If you have any questions or want more detailed pictures please email. I am starting this auction at a fraction of the true value.
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