Massive Lot of Over 3000 Pokemon Cards Different Sets!

Massive Lot of Over Three Thousand Pokemon Cards All Different Sets!
This lot is huge! It was compiled between the time Pokemon cards first started coming out and a few years ago by a family with three boys and a mother who would collect any type of card, given the chance. I believe the exact number of cards is about 3,740 (This number doesn't count German cards and Promo's), give or take a few that might have been missed. I tried to put all the cards in an Excel spreadsheet, and the rough numbers are as followed: Base Set: 1222 Cards Base Set 2: 274 Cards Fossil Set: 459 Cards Gym Challenge Set: 204 Cards -- This set is only missing card 16. GymHero's: 91 Cards Jungle Set: 425 Cards Legendary Collection: 19 Cards Neo Destiny: 24 Cards Neo Discovery: 45 Cards Neo Genesis: 185 Cards Neo Revelation: 25 Cards Team Rocket: 174 Cards The entire Southern Island Set is , all eighteen cards, valued around twenty dollars. T are also roughly 587 Japanese Pokemon cards, and of those thirty nine are holographic . Please, don't ask me which ones, or what set they're in -- I have no idea. T are just a lot of them. :) T is the Pikachu Lvl. 14 First Edition with the gold ' W' stamp. It is worth about $20.00 book value, and I can give you more information on it if you'd like.
T are five of the ancient Mew promo cards, valued at about five
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