Massive Mixed Original Card Collection 12Kgs approx Cigarette, Tea & Trade

This massive collection of original cards weighs over 12Kgs and mainly consists of cigarette, tea, trade cards and cigarette packets from the 1930s through to the mid 1970s.
The collection is in a variable condition and contains some sets, but mainly consists of part sets and quantities of loose and duplicate cards. The cards have been semi sorted but have not had any items removed. I have decided to include every card, packets, wrappers and albums in this one listing.
The photos show the range of the collection and includes cards from the following:-
Wills - Speed, Assoc Footballers, The Sea Shore, Garden Flowers, Household Hints, Dogs, Ships Badges, Cinema Stars, Air Raid Precautions, Life in the Royal Navy, Did You Know, Our King & Queen, Roses, Flower Culture in Pots, Wild Flowers, The Reign of King George V, Safety First, Our King & Queen, Railway Engines etc 2 empty albums - Railway Engines & Wild Flowers.
Players - Int Air Liners, Motor Cars, Aeroplanes, National Flags & Arms, RAF Badges, Tennis, Football Rip or Mac, Curious Beaks, Cricketers 1938 1934 & 1930, Kings & Queens of England, Modern Naval Craft, Wild Birds, Film Stars, Freshwater Fish, Birds & Their Young, Sea Fishes, Coronation Series, Aircraft of the RAF, Fire-Fighting App, Animals of the Countryside, Hints on Assoc
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