Massive Pokemon Cards bundle/Joblot/Collection. 6000mint~cards Hundreds of Rares

You will recieve:
- All ultra rare, holographic & reverse-holo cards come in hard sleeves.
- All rare cards come in sleeves.
- All reverse cards come in sleeves.
- All trainer cards in sleeves.
All cards have come straight from booster packs & put into ultra pro sleeves or hard sleeves & binders.
Therefore all cards are mint from boosters. No stratches, dust, nothing on any card what-so-ever.
Heartgold Soulsiver: Undaunted complete set
Heartgold Soulsilver: Triumphant complete set
Black & White complete set
Black & White: Emerging Powers complete set
Heartgold Soulsilver every card except (#123 Gyarados)
Heartgold Soulsilver: Unleashed every card except (#8 Shaymin)
Call of Legends every card except (#15 Lugia, #94 Darkness Energy, #SL1 Deoxys, #SL3 Entei, #SL6 Kyogre)
Next Destinies every card except (#38 Kyurem EX, #51 Zekrom EX, #97 Zekrom EX Full Art, #101 Chandelure, #103 Hydreigon)
- Every set comes with it's official binder except for Call of Legends & Next Destinies which are in a black ultra pro binder together.
- Comes with 9 Theme Decks include FireRed LeafGreen theme decks from 2004.
- Comes with thousands upon thousands of uncommon/common cards from each set above.
I will try to list most of the included Ultra Rare, Holo,
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