Hello! I am selling a massive pokemon card collection with over 1500 cards. This set includes lots of 1st edition cards as well as many from the next generations. T are over 150 rares, lots of holographics, uncommons and commons. T are also a lot of energy and trainer cards (including some rare energies). I have a lot of 1st edition rares and holographics, and some of the newer "EX" cards. Some highlights include 2 very rare Regice EX's, a Golem EX, SIX rare mew's, mewtwo, the Evee evolutions, and many other rare and holographics. The cards have all been touched so they are not mint, but almost all of them are in excellent condition. T is also a small handful of Japanese cards, some of them rare. But t's more! This collection also comes with 2 nice binders with sleeves to hold your cards: a smaller yellow case and a larger blue one. More extras include plenty of damage counters, rulebooks, card lists, a very nice steel pokemon container, a nice deck box, 50+ information cards*, flipping coins, deck set containers, and some individual card sleeves.

* Information cards are the size of actual cards but have a picture of the pokemon on front and information about them on the back. Several are holographic. 46 of these are included. T are also smaller, square cards that change pictures when you angle them differently. These smaller
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