MASSIVE WWII 2 Army Air Corps 319th Bomb Group 438th Sq

Fantastic identified combat bomber aerial gunner grouping with everything from the man's A2 with 438th Squadron patch to his socks! Personal uniform items of Sgt. Stan Wisniewski who entered WWII in September 1941 as a draftee at Camp Upton, New York. He went to Camp Wheeler in Georgia for basic infantry training w his aptitude for code got him a transfer to the Signal Corps--the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor . He trained for the Air Warning Service at Drew Field in Tampa Florida and went to radar school at Fort Monmouth New Jersey.

By July 1942 he was stationed in Lakeland Florida as a T-5. He volunteered for Aerial Gunner training and earned his silver wings. He was further trained at Barksdale Field and Elgin Field and in November, 1943, he arrived in North Africa and took a 4 day box car ride via train to Sardinia.

His first real ride was a B-26 named "Big Ass Bird" which tallied a record 145 missions before the war ended. Included is a 10 page typewritten autobiography that Stan compiled several years ago FULL of great personal insights of flying combat missions and dealing with flak , enemy ME-109 and FW-190 fighters and destruction.

Stan survived 65 missions in 3 years from North Africa through Italy and into France. Also included is a 7 page detailed misson log that Stan kept. A truly historical
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