Master Replica Darth Vader Lightsaber DUEL SIGNED Signature Ed. ANH #114/1000!

SUPER RARE TO FIND...Sold out!!!

A Must Have for Star Wars Fan

Lowest Price I can Go...

Starting at a low price because of 2 issues READ below...

Knocked off $200.00 from Asking price because of it!

Value on today's market NEW with everything $1,000.00

Star Wars Master Replica Darth Vader Lightsaber 2002 SW-106-S

Signature Edition Duel Signed by James Earl Jones & Dave Prowse

From "A New Hope" Episode IV

Low # 114 of 1000

Comes with:


With Presentation padded box...also includes slip cover

Display case

2 Numbered & signed Gold Plaque's...

picture above of Dave Prowse plaque is good & not bent like it looks...just the angle taken

too keep from getting a glare from camera, also they are shiney gold & not silver as it appears to be,

flash made them look siver...



Item is in VERY good condition , only thing really noticable is 2 areas with nicks/dings on the outside frame of Display case....

can be touched up if you choose to do so.

was displayed only...see pix below for close up's on display case

Left side of display case

Front side of display case below James
... read more