This auction is for a RARE MASTERCRAFTERS MERRY-GO- ROUND MOTION CLOCK LIGHT MODEL NO. 920 MADE BY MASTERCRAFTERS CLOCK AND RADIO COMPANY . The clock dial is marked MASTERCRAFTERS, CLOCK MOVEMENT BY SESSIONS MADE IN USA . This clock in my opinion is in VERY NICE condition for it's age. THE CLOCK KEEPS ACCURATE TIME THE MERRY-GO-ROUND REVOLVES AROUND AND THE LIGHT WORKS. I'm not sure but I think the clock dates around 1948 to 1952? The little children on animals are as follows: girl on a camel, girl on a camel,another girl on a camel and a boy on a horse. I think at one time it had a ticket taker but he is missing. The clock has a mirror type background which has some minor defects which looks like tarnish? With the mirror background it gives the revolving carousel a stunning effect. The clock also has a light to light up the motion area and a switch in the back to turn the light off and on. The brown MARBLEIZED case of swirls of red , black , browns & orange is in very nice condition with no defects that I can see as well as the clock fence that sits infront of the merry-go-round. The clock case is some sort of plastic or bakelite. The clock is a mantel clock and it measures approx. 11" high x 7 " wide. The clock dial, lens and gold rim around the clock are all in very nice condition. The back of the clock has the orignal label ... read more