Masterpiece Soft Glass Eyes, Chestnut, 19mm - T61

Masterpiece Soft-Glass Eyes
19mm, Chestnut

One pair of Masterpiece Soft-Glass Eyes
19mm, Chestnut
(lousy scan through the plastic, but good indication of the color)

All listed eyes are IN STOCK, ready to ship! Prices reflect 20% discount off of Masterpiece regular prices. I will be ordering no more eyes (my dealership with Masterpiece is ending), so once my current listings are all sold, t will be no more. Take advantage of the great selection that I currently have listed!

Masterpiece Eye Company is the originator of the Soft "Glass" flexible doll eye. Masterpiece has a reputation for producing the most beautiful and realistic eyes for dolls, mannequins, special effects, and forensics. Masterpiece handmade eyes are used by many of the world's leading doll artists as well as those just starting out; in modern as well as antique reproduction dolls. Because Masterpiece eyes are flexible, they will fit perfectly every time, even when beveling is inexact, poor or virtually non existent.

Some facts about Masterpiece Eyes: Masterpiece Eyes are handmade art products, and will vary from one pair to the next (as well as having slight variations between the eyes in a pair). The artists at Masterpiece aim for realism (as in real eyes), rather than perfection as seen in doll eyes. The variation is part of what

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